The Wave Manager

Use this panel to save Wave Sets that you've created and load up or delete those that you have saved.

At any time, you can come to this panel and Save the current Wave Set by typing in a name and tapping the Save button (Blue Down arrow). A Wave Set is the sum total of each of the colored waves (up to 8). First give your Wave Set a name in the top left text field before saving.

Load waved sets by selecting a name from the list and tapping Load burron (Green Up arrow).

Delete Wave Sets by selecting it from the list and tapping Delete (Red X).

To Rename a Wave Set, select it in the list and immediately type in a new name before editing the wave.

Create Folders by tapping the New Folder button. Tap Edit to drag presets into folders.

To convert the currently active Wave Set into a MIDI file of n measures duration, first type the desired number of measures into the Measures field, then tap the Make MIDI File button.

Different Drummer can not load MIDI files at this point so to use the file created you will have to email it, upload to Dropbox or use iTunes and do a Save As... from the Application documents panel.

You can Delete a MIDI file by selecting it and tapping Delete.

Access hundreds of free presets (including some nice custom samples) from our online built-in Community Panel. Here, you can sort by 12 categories, like presets and follow other users.

You can also upload and share your own presets (requires one-time registration and login) with other community members.

This panel also displays messages, news, tips and user feedback making it highly useful.