The Sequence Manager

Use this panel to string together wave sets and create sequences which can be used in performance or recording.

To create a New Sequence (Blue-green Plus), tap the New Button and type a name into the field that appears.

Then select Wave Sets from the available Wave Sets List in the middle and enter in how many measures you would like it to repeat to the right of the name field. This number will appear like 4x to indicate 4 times (measures).

Tap the Round Plus button to add your Wave and duration to your sequence. Continue adding until you are ready to save and then tap the Save button (Blue arrow). Remove sections by tapping the Round Minus button.

Your new sequence should appear in the left hand column.

Delete a Sequence by tapping the Delete button (Red X) after you select a sequence from the Sequences List.

At any time you can select saved sequences and then play them by tapping the Play Sequence button or modify them and hit Save again to update the file.

You can also convert sequences into MIDI files for use in other applications. They appear in the Wave Manager MIDI list.