Grid Controls

Use this panel to control parameters when a wave voice is using Grid Mode.

When a voice is placed in Grid Mode, the current wave settings are translated into a fixed grid with a set number of slots that loops after n number of measures, depending on what you set.

You can edit the notes of the grid by dragging them up or down or double-tapping on them to remove or add them back in when you are in the Note Wave View. However, your edits may be lost if you then change and wave parameters that trigger a refresh of the wave-to-grid process.

Set the Grid Resolution using the Grid Resolution List or using the Beat Value Slider in the Wave Controls.

Set the Loop Length using the Loop Length Slider. Making your loop longer will trigger a refresh of all the grid notes as will changing the resolution.

When on the Note Wave of a Grid-based Wave, Copy and Paste only applies to the currently shown measure and not the whole wave. This lets you duplicate measures when needed.

You can Toggle Grid mode using the swtch up top ot by tapping thebutton in the Wave View.

Each voices can have different loop lengths and beat resolutions to produce astounding variety.