Sound and Scale Controls

Use this panel to control Drum Sounds and select Musical Scales.

The Sounds List shows all the available voices that come with Different Drummer as well as custom ones you've added. There are over 165 stock samples provided. Tap on an item to make it active for the current wave.

Use the small icons to the left to jump to different parts of the list by category: Bass, Snare, Tom, Hat, Cymbal, Skin, Percussion, Instruments, Sound Effects and Custom.

Tap the + button to add new samples as detailed in the PDF Guide.

Tap the Trash Can icon on the right side of the list to delete custom samples.

Tap the Die (singlular of dice) button to randomize the voice as set in the Automation panel.

The Scales and Modes List is used to select the musical scale that is used with the current wave. There are over 70 scales and modes to chose from. If Global is On, then all voices will be set to the selected scale.

Randomize scales by tapping the Die button.