Different Drummer Support

Please report any bugs you encounter. Our goal is bug free but it seems to be a moving target (as with all apps).

Instructions can be found in the app itself by tapping the small i button on the lower right of the scrolling display. You can also directly email support via the Credits page of the instructions. We encourage you to reach out to us and keep us up on what you are doing or trying to do as well as your suggestions for how to improve the app! We also want to know who's using Different Drummer so we can build a strong community. Even better, share with us any samples you produce either video (youtube) or audio (soundcloud) and we'll try to add them to our site.

We are improving the app on a constant basis and plan to keep it up for years so enjoy!

3.4.0 Known Issues

  • Occasional crash when running idle in the background for a long time. Better in v4.0

2.3.2 Known Issues

  • Graphic stuttering when scrolling tables (FIXED)

2.3.0 Known Issues

  • Glitches in audio when used with new Audiobus. Fixed in 2.3.1
  • Crashes on Reset Audio. Fixed in 2.3.1
Until the update is available: Use the Different Drummer recording and copy and paste into other recording software. Also try restarting device, run Audiobus first and turn off scroller in DD to see if that helps.

1.5 Known Issues

  • Crashes when tapping Record sometimes (maybe when AudioBus is active) Fixed in 1.5.1
  • Blank recording files produced in many cases. Fixed in 1.5.1
  • Crashes when adding waves to sequences when no wave is selected. Fixed.
  • Crashes when tapping AudioPaste icon when importing samples. Fixed.
  • Drops out first note or clips fixed length recordings. Fixed.
  • Note Wave Phase using Tie wave phase. Fixed. [sorry if this messes up stored waves, just change phase]
  • Occasional crash while switching into app...hard to reproduce but think it's fixed.

1.1.1 Known Issues

  • Pasting samples from General Pasteboard does not work. This is fixed in version 1.1.2
  • App quits when you hit plus button in drum category selector if you don'y have any custom samples yet. Add a custom sample using the Blue Plus Button at the top of the list or import via iTunes. This is fixed in version 1.1.2

1.1 Known Issues

  • On some devices, the gray shaded areas in the wave edit display are not filling in, showing only a thin wave line and the note wave properly. Consequently, editing the rest, tie and dynamic waves are functional but not as intuitive as they were designed to be. We will fix this in 1.11 since it's important.

1.02 Known Issues

  • Specified MIDI channel assignment off by one. Fixed for 1.1
  • MIDI Sync on/off switch not working so it's always on. Fixed for 1.1

1.01 Known Issues

  • MIDI files don't open in some applications. This has been fixed and will be available in 1.02.
  • MIDI Out can hang notes on external synthesizer on pause. Fixed for 1.02


No sound?

Make sure your mute switch is not on if you don't have a headphone jack plugged in. Also, check your sound settings in the Settings of your iPad. Sorry, if the audio is a little soft when playing on the iPad speakers, we'll try to improve that but we certainly recommend speakers or headphones that can do justice to the booming bass of the drums. In fact be careful not to turn it up too loud if your speakers are not ready for prime time!

If a voice drops out after the app is dormant for a prolonged period, you may have to restart the app by going to the springboard and double-clicking the home button and doing a long hold on the Different Drummer icon. You can also restart the sampler by tapping the Reset Audio button in the Settings Panel. Also check to see if your rest wave is too high up and that your beat value is not too slow to be played.

Better Performance?

Make sure to quit unnecessary apps that are running on your device to free up as many resources as possible. Try tapping the little pause button for the scrolling graphic which can improve performance, especially when all voices are playing. Unlike other types of drum machines, this one is a real-time generator and so it is sensitive to other things that hog up the CPU though we have tried to optimize it.