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Guide Track is the primary go-to tool when you want to quickly create a precise guide track for recording when you know the song structure and the style.

Simply set the time signature, which chords for how many beats and the beat style—Guide Track does the rest for you!

Use inter-app audio or AudioBus or save your track to file and you are ready to start recording for real with a perfect smart click track and guide chords and bass.

Save hours of messing around and get to what matters—your creativity. Once done you can mute the guide track to reveal your perfectly structured recording. It's like a sculptor using a mold when casting, except instead of bronze, you end up with perfectly structured music.

You can also use Guide Track to print out chord sheets for your band or to capture late night (or early morning) song ideas or for a recording aid. You can also record the parts separately for more editing possibilities, even using Guide Track parts in your final mix if desired.

The Home Screen is where all files are managed, emailed and exported to other desktop and iOS apps.

Projects, Recordings and MIDI files you create will get you to your real goal faster—to record a great track!

The Composer includes convenient controls for entering in chord progressions, previewing them and recording.

Add, insert and replace chords, beats, sections and rests to your heart's desire.

Print or email useful chord sheets with lyrics at any time.

The slide-out side panel is where you select drum patterns and sounds you want to use as well as adjust play style and swing.

Send Guide Track music to external synthesizers via MIDI out.
All features are documented in the help screen (which we know you usually don't read).
  • Records stereo WAV file that can be copied and pasted, saved to Dropbox or emailed 
  • Supports Inter-app recording and Audiobus 
  • Saves 5-track Type 1 MIDI files 
  • MIDI Output to external synthesizers 
  • All major chord families covered with chord inversions and accidentals of your choice 
  • Over 35 stock drum patterns 
  • Automated bass track with separate voice follows drums and assign bass overrides to any chord 
  • Set precise tempo or tap for BPM
  • Automate changes to tempo, time signature, dynamics, play styles and more
  • Add lyrics to chord changes
  • Click and Count-in 
  • 128 GM Sounds on two separate synthesizers 
  • 14 chord play style including 12 different arpeggios 
  • Instant chord sheet with lyrics and named sections can be printed or emailed 
  • Add rests or chords as needed 
  • Transpose songs any time 
  • Time signatures that readjust beat structures for you when changed 
  • Preview chords and bass before inserting 
  • Rearrange or insert chords, rests and section 
  • Looping playback 
  • Define up to 6 sections for easy entry of repeated material 
  • Recent chords allow for convenient entry 
  • Quickly create song prototypes for easier recording, ie. guide tracks
  • Rehearsal
  • Song ideas
  • Drum machine
  • Metronome
  • Chord sheets
  • MIDI production

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