Hologramophone Research was founded in 1986 to explore the new possibilities of computers in music. Over the years we have created an astounding array of patented and patent pending technologies and software titles including:


  • Hyperchord Riff Sequencer
  • Rhythm Maker
  • Holistic Window
  • Pixound
  • Pixound Applet Maker
  • Pixound Browser Plugin
  • Gluon XTensions for QuarkXPress and Adobe Plugins
  • Pixound Video
  • Sportsonix Pixound Application
  • Cyclophone
  • Presto Music Generator
  • Pixound Jam Studio
  • DNA (Dynamic Non-repearting Art) for generative video art
  • Art Fountain web server
  • Pixound App for iPhone
  • PixKix app for iPhone
  • Different Drummer for iPad
  • Biographer for iPad
  • Cyclophone for iPad
  • Art Fountain for iPad
  • Foto Fountain for iPad
  • Guide Track for iPad



Hologramophone changed its name in 2003 to Techné Media to better reflect our lineup of more than just music applications.


We are interested in serious investors in order to better market and localize products for global distribution.


infotechnemedia . com

201• 618 • 9817 ask for Peter McClard


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